Have you ever wanted to surprise someone with a celebration cake but also wanted to make sure you’re getting something that they actually like? Or maybe you want to have some say in your own cake but don’t want to miss out on at least some level of mystery. We are here to help!


Introducing Surprise Cake!

The process is simple and works like this:


First, have the Recipient (in some cases, yourself) fill out the following form. We will then take that completed form and put together something special just for them, based on answers mostly regarding flavor. While we ask for any flavors that we need to avoid, please keep in mind that the larger our list of options is, the better chance of a surprise there will be (which is what we want!). Ultimately we will focus on one to three flavors that we feel go together nicely and taste delicious.


After the form has been filled and submitted, we will email the Contact Person (this is whoever will be receiving the invoice, whether Recipient or otherwise) to make further arrangements. We ask that you submit Surprise Cake requests at least two weeks in advance, as we may not be able to accommodate with less time.