info & f.A.Q.



how do i place my order?

First we ask that you fill out an Inquiry Form, which can be found under the "Contact" page of this website. We will then reach out to you within 24-48 hours to discuss further specifics of your order. If you are inquiring for an upcoming wedding, we can then proceed to set up a tasting.

Payment must be received to lock in your order, whether it is in full or in the form of a non-refundable deposit. Orders placed within two weeks of your event and/or have a total of less than $150 must be paid in full at time of booking. For orders over $150, the option of a 50% non-refundable deposit is available, however, the remaining amount must be paid 14 days before your event.

What size cake should i order for my party?

Please refer to the Cake Cutting Guide below to see which size will be appropriate for your party's needs. Keep in mind that these are our standard sizes for Party/Celebrate Cakes and that we are able to to incorporate other sizes between 4"-10" for tiered cakes. 

Tiered cakes are priced according to the Wedding slice size.


The short answer: The sooner the better. Availability can be limited at times and is dependent on how many orders have already been placed on that particular day. For larger orders (such as wedding cakes), we recommend contacting us at least six months in advance, while smaller orders we recommend one month. If we have an opening and are able to accommodate you with less time, we most certainly will, so don't be afraid to fill out an inquiry form either way!


Absolutely! For more information on pricing and to set up a tasting, please fill out an Inquiry Form found on the "Contact" page.

what is the best way to care for our cake?

Cakes are meant to be enjoyed at room temperature (around 70 degrees F), which is something you will definitely want to consider when planning your event. If you will be in a warmer environment, we suggest keeping the cake(s) in a cooler place until you are ready to serve. Cakes that have been refrigerated should usually be taken out between 1-2 hours prior to being served. During the summer, this time may be less, such as 20-30 minutes. At any rate, we do not recommend placing cakes outside under direct sunlight, as the buttercream could possibly melt.

Each order will receive more information in our Cake Care Instructions guide at time of delivery or pickup. 

what is your refund policy?

Since a lot of work and attention is put into each customized cake, refunds are very rarely given. If an order was made properly yet there is simply a difference in preference of taste or texture, a refund will not be given. In the event that you are dissatisfied, please contact us within 24 hours of your event.  If eligible, the refund will either be given as credit towards a future order or credited back to you in the original form of payment.

Orders that are cancelled within 72 hours of pickup/delivery time will not be eligible for a refund.

Do you use fondant?

No. There is a strict no-fondant policy.

Can I send you pictures of a cake I want duplicated?

When it comes to custom cakes, you may absolutely send inspiration photos, but purposely copying another artist's work verbatim is not done at Saltadena. It is recommended to point out the things you like about a particular cake (or send a Pinterest mood board with several photos), that way inspiration can be drawn and applied using our particular style. We also love inspiration photos of objects, landscapes, etc. that are not cake.

For examples of past work, please refer to the Gallery page and follow along on Instagram.

Do you deliver?

Yes! Delivery is almost always possible. Here are our current rates, yet please keep in mind that additional fees may apply for island deliveries, etc.:

City Center (Downtown Bellingham): $30
Within 10 Mile Radius: $45
Outside 10 Mile Radius: $45 + $1.50 for each additional mile.

can i rent a cake stand from you?

We currently have a small inventory of cake stands, yet it is always growing. The cost of rentals vary and 75% of that cost is refundable if returned on time and in the exact condition with which you received it. If you are interested in more information or pictures, please mention that in your inquiry form.


Nancy grew up in Metro Detroit, Michigan and while in the city of Royal Oak, she lived on a street called S. Altadena. This is where she really started to explore her love of cooking and baking more, as well as write down ideas and ambitions for future culinary projects.

Additionally, at Saltadena we have a deep love for salty sweets and treats whose flavor profile is more than that of pure sugar.