Cake series: small flowers

On Christmas Eve, Miranda of Wildrye Farm stopped by for some cupcakes and left me with a small box containing some of my favorite little blooms: Statice, Gomphrena and Straw Flowers. Before meeting Miranda this past summer, I didn’t have the slightest clue about these flowers, yet now they are some of my favorites (which Miranda knows, hence the thoughtful gift).

I’ve been watching a lot of old Saturday Night Live reruns lately so forgive the reference, but to me these blooms are a lot like Chris Parnell. You never see them in the star role of an arrangement (the Will Ferrells or Kristen Wiigs, if you will), but they most certainly make every one they’re a part of better, and are vastly underrated. I mean, is it just me or is Dr. Leo Spaceman one of the best characters of all-time?

Back to the flowers.

Regarding cakes, I absolutely love using these three as adornment. I often refer to them as “filler flowers” because I’ve never been a fan of simply plopping a larger flower onto a cake and calling it a day. Obviously surrounding those larger ones with greenery helps, but these supporting cast members assist in adding even more visual interest, help to create balance and give the arrangement an overall more complete look. When available, I always try to use them.

So here I was with a box full of these and no other flowers in sight. It only seemed fair that I took on the unspoken challenge that lay in front of me to make these beauties the star of their own show for once. Over the past couple of weeks, I created three different cakes and arranged the Statice, Gomphrena and Straw Flowers in a different way each time. Here are the results:



Which is your favorite?

Another great thing about these blooms is that they are quite sturdy, more so the Gomphrena and Straw Flowers. Practically all of the flowers you see above were used on all three cakes. I can't imagine most flowers being able to do that. Additionally, by getting them from Miranda, I know that they are being grown locally, organically, and are never treated with any pesticides (not even organic). Win win!

There’s a lot more to these flowers than what I wrote (like did you know that you can dry the Statice or that Gomphrena is edible?), so I encourage you to see if your local flower farm carries them and check them out for yourselves. At the very least, they’ll add some beauty to your day.

Thanks so much to Miranda for giving me the opportunity to flex my creative muscles in a fun, new way. Miranda's urban flower farm, Wildrye, is located right here in Downtown Bellingham. If you've ever been to Camber, those pretty flowers that you see adding a pop of color inside are courtesy of Wildrye. To learn more about Miranda and her farm, click here.



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