Saltadena is a licensed home bakery owned and operated by Nancy Stuart in downtown Bellingham, Washington. Since its establishment in 2016, the goal of Saltadena has and always will be to create beautiful food that tastes absolutely delicious.


We strongly feel that you just can't beat a homemade baked good, and with the exception of some of our topping choices (i.e. Oreos or Fruity Pebbles), all items are made from scratch in small batches. From scaling out the ingredients at the beginning to applying the last bit of frosting, your cake is carefully created by one person. No large assembly line, no shipping from a mystery location. Everything is done right here in downtown Bellingham. When possible, we strive to highlight local purveyors that produce right here in the Pacific Northwest. This includes Fresh Breeze Organic Dairy, Shepherd's Grain, Stiebrs Farms and Jacobsen Salt, to name a few. With great ingredients, half the work is already done for us.


In addition to taste, we care deeply for aesthetics. It is our philosophy to keep things simple and done in a clean, precise and artistic manner. There is intention behind each movement, as we understand you first eat with your eyes. 


For more information on the ordering process and more, please take a look at our “Info & F.A.Q.” section.